Launch Vehicle Aggregator (a.k.a RIDESHARE)

SEOPS provides Rideshare and mission integration services and satellite deployment solutions. We strive to understand worldwide Rideshare capacity on all launch vehicles. Our efforts continuously seek launch opportunities to meet customer mission requirements. As new launch vehicles are offered around the world this will increase capacity for customers to fly to LEO and beyond; SEOPS will work hard to understand the overall landscape for expeditious decision making for selection of the right mission.

Mission Integration & Operations

We have an experienced and reputable team that can provide payload integration services. SEOPS is a full-service provider for our launch system and deployer solution products. Our team can provide the coordination, manifesting, safety, and verification for your mission. Our team is launch vehicle agnostic and able to support mission operations in our POCC for hosted payloads.

Space Related Research & Development

SEOPS is continuously looking at different ways to solve problems, evolve our current solutions, and meet future customer requirements. Please let us know how we can support your team from all aspects of the systems engineering lifecycle. Our Team is constantly looking at LEO to Cisluar architectures to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Spacecraft Engineering Design & Manufacturing

SEOPS has pioneers in spacecraft engineering design, specifically in launch and deployment systems, International Space Station (ISS) experiments and human rated habits to name a few. We have the ability to execute the entire lifecycle leveraging our manufacturing partners to certify and fly hardware to space.

Under the SEOPS brand we have successfully designed and deployed multiple launch systems, created several new deployment and separation system technologies while expanding our ever-growing Intellectual Property portfolio.

Rideshare, Launch & Deployment Systems

Manifest Agility


Launch Systems & Hosted Payloads

SLINGSHOT is a >450KM / 51.6d deployment solution that leverages the most reliable space infrastructure in the world — the ISS and associated visiting vehicles (Cygnus/Dragon). Slingshot offers a customer the ability fly in a soft bag and deploy up to conventional 12U CubeSats and hosted payloads that can vary in size.

Maximum deployer configuration for our slingshot launch system system is 12 x 6U deployers (72U). We can also fit more per U in a hosted payload configuration. Our system is very flexible in formats supported that include the following for a 6U deployer:

  • 1U X 1U (P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 1U X 1U + "Tuna Can" (P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 1U X 2U (P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 1U X 2U + "Tuna Can" (P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 1U X 3U (P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 1U X 3U + "Tuna Can" (P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 2U X 2U (PSC Tab, P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 2U X 2U + "Dual Tuna Can" (P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 2U X 3U (PSC Tab, P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 2U X 3U + "Dual Tuna Can" (P-POD, ISIPOD)


CubeSat Deployer

Equalizer is a U.S. built deployer that has a preliminary mass around 7Kg and supports 3U, 6U, and 12U configurations. Also, we have the capability to custom build deployers equalizer deployment system if needed by a customer. The equalizer has the following characteristics:

  • Bottom and Back Mount Capable
  • Resettable Release Mechanisms
  • Rear and Forward Position Sensors
  • ISI-POD/PPOD Compatible
  • Pusher Plate Anti-vibration System
  • Can be Configured for 2x6U
  • Can be Configured for 1x12U
  • Rail and Tab Formats
  • Smooth Internal Walls
  • Totally Enclosed


Separation System

Rifle is a U.S. built separation system. Below are Rifle attributes: Rifle Separation System

  • Lightest Separation System in the Market - maximizes sat mass
  • Zero tipoff rate - no spring/CG tuning
  • Uses Heritage Technology - lowers deployment risk
  • Resettable Release Mechanisms - repeatable testing
  • Stowed and Release Sensors - positive feedback
  • Reconfigurable to Smaller Diameter Configurations - flexibility
  • American Made - reduces ITAR concerns
  • 1U X 1U (P-POD, ISIPOD)
vehicles deployment system


Heritage Launch System

OCTO-EQ is a launch system designed to support up to 96U on one 24” port in a nominal configuration. This launch system utilizes heritage technology and can fly on SpaceX Rideshare Missions to Sun Synchronous (SSO). OCTO-EQ is a zero delta v platform that maximizes the economics of the port and executes its mission based upon the launch vehicle orbit.

octo-eq system

The formats supported include:

  • 1U to 16U Tab and Rail Format Deployers
  • SmallSat and CubeSats
  • Custom Deployer Builds Capable

Heritage Technology
OCTO-EQ debuted on SpaceX T5 mission
Utilized our IP for the Octobucket Technology
Formats Supported
1U to 16 U Tab and Rail Format Deployers
Supports SmallSat and CubeSats
Custom Deployer Builds Capability


Orbital Transfer Vehicle and Satellite Bus

OctoBus is built from flight heritage and Intellectual Property of the SEOPS Octobucket and NSL's on-orbit 24/7 connected flight systems.

    octobus system
  • 200 kg Containerized Payload
  • 8 Cubic Feet of Payload Volume
  • Plus CubeSat Availability of 32U/59kg
  • Enough DV for Earth Escape Velocity or Geostationary Placement
  • Scalable Solar Array to 1.5kw
  • Ultra Lightweight Composite Structure - TRL9
  • Command/Control Avionics - TRL9
  • CubeSat Deployer - TRL9
  • Comm System
  • S-Band Antenna
  • ADACS System - TRL9
  • Agnostic Propulsion - TRL6


Vacuum Trash System

Vacuum Trash System (VTS) is a multi-patent pending trash disposal system.

  • Accommodates all Wet & Dry Trash
  • VTS system
    • Takes advantage of the physical principle that water will only boil at a certain pressure and temperature combination - otherwise will remain in liquid state
      • In vacuum, water boils at 0°C/32°F which is well below the ambient temperature (maximum 40°C/104°F) that the trash and airlock will be at when depressurized
      • The vapor pressure of water at 40°C/104°F is 1.07 psi or 7.3% of sea level atmospheric pressure; thus, if a habitat like the International Space Station wet trash can be maintained at approximately 2 psi (~2X safety margin) the water contained in the trash would not boil until it reaches 51.7°C/125°F
  • Inflatable pressure vessel designed to hold 2 psi is a lightweight structure compared to one that can handle a full atmosphere (14.7 psi)
  • Enables utilization of a lightweight (~9 kg) deployable trash bag that can be folded up for launch/on-orbit stowage and fit through any hatch

Cleanroom and Integration Facility



Our dedicated Class 100,000 cleanroom and pre-integration facility provides for off-site satellite integration and testing. This engineering space is well isolated, well-controlled from contamination, and actively cleansed. Our accomplishments to date are attributed to our total commitment to quality, health and safety and the environment.

  • Class 100,000 Cleanroom 16'9” x 12'
  • Airlock 22' x 12'9"
  • Customizable Workbenches and Tool Carts
  • Customizable Cleanroom Garments and Supplies
  • Secure, Dedicated Cleanroom and Office Space
  • Break room with Kitchenette and Dining Table
  • 20min Drive to SpaceX Payload Processing Facility
  • Restroom with Shower
  • Forklift Service
  • High Speed WiFi
  • Environmental Controlled Transport Trailer
  • Minutes from Hotel, Restaurants and Hardware Stores
integration facility

Integrated Vibration Testing

Our facility is located within 45 minutes of vibration testing facilities that can accommodate a full 24" ESPA Class payload. Integrated vibration testing can be performed, and your system can be post-tested and securely stored at our facility, awaiting launch integration, minimizing shipping costs and the dismantling of your integrated flight assembly.

integration facility process


SEOPS was founded in 2017 as a wholly owned private entity, established to provide Satellite Deployment and Hosted Payloads Operation Services leveraging existing space transport assets and capabilities to create new, cost-effective solutions for our customers.

At SEOPS, we have built a foundation to provide access to space utilizing the International Space Station infrastructure and various Rideshare missions with two proven launch systems servicing the CubeSat and MicroSat markets.

Strategic Advisor / Systems Engineering

Strategic Advisor / Systems Engineering & Launch Integration

Strategic Advisor / Mission Management

Strategic Advisor / Mission Management & Launch Integration

Strategic Advisor / Rideshare

Strategic Advisor / Rideshare




Co-founder / CTO



Mission Integration & Operations Manager

Mission Integration & Operations Director

Mission Integration Operations

Mission Integration & Operations Manager

Mission Statement

Move as a team, never move alone to create customer value while adhering to a moral compass of honesty and integrity to build loyal relationships.


Duns# 081067884
NAICS Code: 541330, 481212, 336419
Cage Code: 85S07


Become a trusted partner in the creation of space and technology solutions that leverage existing investments and capabilities to build new capabilities in the most cost effective manner possible.



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NASA awarded contracts 01.26 to a dozen companies, ranging from industry stalwarts to startups yet to launch their first rocket, to provide low-cost launches of agency smallsats.

Slingshot's Flexible Launch Model Offers Affordable, Fast Path To LEO

The future Low Earth Orbit (LEO) economy depends on faster, more frequent rides to space. SEOPS, LLC is addressing this urgent need with its SlingShot system.

SEOPS Joins SpaceX's Falcon 9 Launch Vehicle As Part Of SpaceX SmallSat Rideshare Program

SEOPS, LLC has a working agreement with SpaceX to launch aboard the company's Falcon 9 launch vehicle as part of the SpaceX SmallSat Rideshare Program.

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