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credit: SpaceX iss-sat-staging

SEOPS Joins SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Launch Vehicle As Part Of SpaceX SmallSat Rideshare Program

SEOPS, LLC has signed an agreement with SpaceX to launch aboard the company’s Falcon 9 launch vehicle as part of the SpaceX SmallSat Rideshare Program.

The launch will utilize SEOPS' Equalizer Deployment System. Mounted on a 24" port, Equalizer allows for a capacity of up to 96U and supports 1U-12U Tab or Rail CubeSat standards. All hardware is U.S designed, built, tested, and delivered. SEOPS has satellite integration facilities conveniently located near Houston, Texas.

"SEOPS is excited to provide customers with reliable, regular Sun-synchronous orbit access by combining our proven deployment systems with SpaceX’s SmallSat Rideshare Program. We now provide turnkey CubeSat deployment services to all LEO markets.” said SEOPS Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Michael Johnson.

CEO & Co-Founder Chad Brinkley stated, “With this agreement in place, we can quickly react to the growing CubeSat market. Using our experience with SEOPS SlingShot Satellite Deployment systems, we are adapting to the SpaceX SmallSat Rideshare Program. Having performed 4 missions on Slingshot, with 100% Mission Success, we are excited to add this capability to our portfolio of Services with Equalizer”.

To book your mission with SEOPS on a SpaceX SmallSat Rideshare Program mission please contact Sales. All media inquiries please contact Sydney Blair.

credit: NASA iss-sat-staging

Cygnus Spacecraft Departs ISS with Slingshot Payload

The Cygnus Spacecraft leaves the ISS with SlingShot payloads in preparation for deployment activities.

credit: NASA iss-sat-staging

Passive Optical Reflector Satellites To Be Deployed From Cygnus

ISS Crew members David Saint-Jacques and Anne Mcclain installed two Slingshot deployables, SEOPS-Quantum Radar -1 and -2s, onto the outer hatch of the Cygnus Spacecraft. Also installed in a deployable slot is the UbiquityLink-1 orbit to ground communications hardware. The two passive optical reflector satellites will be released after Cygnus moves away from the ISS.

credit: NASA iss-sat-staging

NASA Astronaut Anne Mcclain Prepares SlingShot For operations.

NASA Astronaut Anne Mcclain installs a data cable and controller to prepare SlingShot for operations. Modular in design, SlingShot can hold up to nine deployers that can launch CubeSats of multiple sizes or can host fixed payloads that remain rigidly attached to Cygnus to gather and transmit data while the vehicle is in orbit.

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