Slingshot Deployment Process

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With Cygnus’ primary role complete on the space station, NASA astronauts installed the SLINGSHOT Deployer System loaded with hosted CubeSat payloads and prepare the Cygnus for this secondary "rideshare" mission before undocking with the station.


Slingshot utilizes the previously unused small space located within the ring height between the docking side of the Cygnus and the space station.



Once the Cygnus spacecraft departs from ISS, it will navigates to 500 KM above the Earth, approximately 50-100 KM higher than the station’s orbit by using Cygnus’ power, attitude control and communication capabilities. On this first test mission, SLINGSHOT will deploy two satellites, expected to stay in orbit at least two years.

Not everything has to deploy, we can keep the Cygnus in service for several weeks to an entire year for collection of addition data with onboard equipment and hosted payloads.

Additional missions are in the works to return the Cygnus to ISS for a trash pick-up service, which would incinerate everything on re-entry to Earth.


  • 1
    Cygnus before SLINGSHOT deployer installation of the sealed hatch.
  • 2
    Cygnus with the SLINGSHOT deployer installed.
  • 3
    SLINGSHOT dispenser doors opening.
  • 4
    SLINGSHOT dispenser ejects 3U Cubesats.

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