We have an experienced and reputable team that can provide payload integration services. SEOPS is a full service provider for our launch systems and deployer solution products. Our team can provide the coordination, manifesting, safety, and verification for your mission. Additionally, we can also support testing and analysis, payload development, and radio licensing.


SEOPS is continuously looking at different ways to solve problems, evolve our current solutions, and meet future customer requirements. Please let us know how we can support your team from all aspects of the systems engineering lifecycle.


SEOPS has an engineering design team that works with our exclusive manufacturing partner, Quad-M. Quad-M is located in Texas and they offer full services from job machining to complete design and build. They have high quality, close tolerance accuracy, state-of-the-art equipment and automated machinery. Quad-M is expert in Aircraft Countermeasures, ICBM Penetration, CubeSat Deployers, and Separation Systems.

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CubeSat Launch System & Hosted Payloads

Slingshot is a 500KM / 51.6d deployment solution that leverages the most reliable space infrastructure in the world — the International Space Station and associated visiting vehicles (Cygnus/Dragon). Slingshot offers a customer the ability fly in a soft bag and deploy up to conventional 12U CubeSats and hosted payloads that can vary in sizes. Therefore, a payload can grow by length and width but not height beyond 229mm. A maximum deployer configuration for our system is 12 x 6U deployers (72U). Additionally, we can fit more per U in a hosted payload configuration. Our system is very flexible in formats supported that include the following for a 6U deployer:

  • 1U X 1U (P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 1U X 1U + "Tuna Can" (P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 1U X 2U (P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 1U X 2U + "Tuna Can" (P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 1U X 3U (P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 1U X 3U + "Tuna Can" (P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 2U X 2U (PSC Tab, P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 2U X 2U + "Dual Tuna Can" (P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 2U X 3U (PSC Tab, P-POD, ISIPOD)
  • 2U X 3U + "Dual Tuna Can" (P-POD, ISIPOD)


MicroSat Launch System

Like Slingshot, Mace uses the same concept of operations except for the final integration. The biggest requirement driver on the deploy options are driven by the dimensions of the satellite. If the satellite can fit through the Japanese Airlock then it can ride up in a soft bag on Cygnus or Dragon. If not, then the satellite will fly in the Dragon Trunk. The microsat will either exit the ISS via the Japanese Airlock or via the Dragon trunk and attach to the outside of Cygnus. Same deployment profile exists:

  • 500KM / 51.6d
cygnus deployment system


CubeSat Deployer

Equalizer is a U.S. built deployer that has a preliminary mass around 7Kg and supports 3U, 6U, and 12U configurations. Also, we have the capability to custom build deployers if needed by a customer. The equalizer has the following characteristics:

  • Bottom and Back Mount Capable
  • Resettable Release Mechanisms
  • Rear and Forward Position Sensors
  • ISI-POD/PPOD Compatible
  • Pusher Plate Anti-vibration System
  • Can be Configured for 2x6U
  • Can be Configured for 1x12U
  • Rail and Tab Formats
  • Smooth Internal Walls
  • Totally Enclosed


Separation System

Rifle is a U.S. built separation system. Below are Rifle attributes:

  • Lightest Separation System in the Market – maximizes sat mass
  • Zero tipoff rate – no spring/CG tuning
  • Uses Heritage Technology – lowers deployment risk
  • Resettable Release Mechanisms – repeatable testing
  • Stowed and Release Sensors – positive feedback
  • Reconfigurable to Smaller Diameter Configurations – flexibility
  • American Made – reduces ITAR concerns
  • 1U X 1U (P-POD, ISIPOD)



Chad Brinkley


Michael Johnson


SEOPS was founded to provide Deployment Solutions and Services leveraging existing investments and capabilities to create new, cost effective solutions. The two primary leaders, Michael Johnson and Chad Brinkley have an experienced background in building affordable solutions that create and enable opportunities for customers’ business plans to succeed.

At SEOPS, we have built a foundation to provide access to space utilizing the International Space Station infrastructure with two launch systems servicing the CubeSat and MicroSat markets. Also, we have built several launch vehicle agnostic products such as dispensers and separation systems. We plan to evolve these product offerings to other launch systems in low earth orbit and beyond.


Duns# 081067884
NAICS Code: 541330, 481212, 336419
Cage Code: 85S07

Mission Statement

Move as a team, never move alone to create customer value while adhering to a moral compass of honesty and integrity to build loyal relationships.


Become a trusted partner in the creation of space and technology solutions that leverage existing investments and capabilities to build new capabilities in the most cost effective manner possible.


The Latest

Website Launch

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website. The new and completely redesigned website offers visitors richer insight into SEOPS' vision and offerings in satellite transportation, integration and deployment solutions.

Slingshot to ISS

SEOPS is exited to announce our first mission to fly the Slingshot Deployer System to the International Space Station. Slingshot is a CubeSat launch system that can accomodate many different CubeSat form factors.

Strategic Partnering

SEOPS is pleased to announce that it has executed a CASIS User Agreement for our Slingshot/Mace launch system that leverages the Orbital/ATK Cygnus vehicle.

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SEOPS, LLC. formed in 2017 to provide satellite transportation, integration and deployment solutions and services to the global market. Our team is organized around this premise, offering Manifest Agility.


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